There is a time for everything,

Money is an article which may be used
as a universal passport to everywhere
except Heaven,
and a universal provider of everything
except happiness.
"What Would You Do If Jesus Came To Your House"
Life Is Hard By The Yard.
By The Inch It's A Cinch!
Only those things
freely given
Are worth having!! ___Doris
"This is the day which
the Lord has made;
Let us rejoice
and be glad in it." ___Psalm 118:24
"Better is a
dry morsel
with quietness
Than a house full
of feasting
with strife." ___Proverbs 17:1
True Happiness is found
Within our own Hearts -
Do not seek it elsewhere. ___Doris
The Heart of the wise
teaches his mouth,
And adds learning to his lips. ___Proverbs 16:23
Paradise Valley
"True Friendship is a Rainbow
Between two People."
Paradise Valley